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 Auntie Julia (Trotter) - Arthur's late sister who kept the cuttings from his schoolboys days.


Brian Leng - Co Author of The Teams of Sunderland AFC who supplied & gave permission for the use of some of his photographs.













Numerous, unknown people who over the years gave the family many of the items you see in this website

Mike Ellison, cousin, for all his help & guidance

1973 Sunderland AFC Banter Page For All Mackems (facebook)

A love supreme, independent Sunderland fanzine

Durham County Schools Association


We are Wearside an independant SAFC fan blog.



Sunderland Antiquarian Society - for

anything to do with the history of the city of Sunderland.

Linfield Football Club

Rob Mason, Sunderland AFC. Thanks for your interest, help and publicity


Sunderland Antiquarian Society for

their contribution of photographs

Eamon Lavery of the SAFC Northern Ireland

supporters branch - see facebook

Andrew Conn, Media Director of

Linfield Football club for all the information about Arthur's "Linfield" career