Tour of Turkey


At the end of the 49-50 Sunderland played a further four games in just over a week in May 1950. They played against Besiktas, Galatasary, Fenerbache and a local team.


Forgive the quality of a few of the following items as they are from local newpapers at the time, in fact if anyone can translate then we might even be able to show some match reports.....



Preparing to leave




Line up for "family" photograpgh before we go.

The boys in Red & White, a rare colour photograph


Ready to board, but notice the gent with the hat, bottom left, still smoking, let's hope the re-fuelling had finished

You know yourself, you just want your case !!


A warm welcome

Time for action, this is what we came for


Dad leading the team, watch the pot holes lads.......


Jack Stelling showing how to "attack a header"


Johnny Mapson at full stretch


The directors box ??


Keepers under pressure

no fouls in those days for challenge's like this




The ref wear's a blazer


Mapson catches safely


Recently obtained magazine from the tour,

it summarises a few of

the games, obviously

all in the local language,

cracking pics on this page though

Post Match