After attracting many admirer's for his wing half play, Arthur was chosen, in September '48 to play a representative game for the Football League against the Irish League. He was then selected to play against the Scottish League but missed the game through an injury but was picked again May '49 to play against the League of Ireland. Then later in May, the recognition his play deserved came along when he was chosen for an England tour to Scandinavia. Unfortunately Arthur, despite Mum's insistence that he went, withdrew because of a family illness. 

Arthur continued to get the plaudits for his fine play but his England chance never came again. Despite missing out, Dad maintained that the letters of support he received from all over the country were proof he did the right thing, and many pundits believed that he would get another chance of a cap.



Football League vs Irish League

20 th September 1948

Anfield, Liverpool


League of Ireland vs The Football League

4 May 1949

England calling, May 1949

The FA official tour guide for the selected players.

How times have changed eh, players had to make their own way to London, if selected for a game, he would have been paid the princely sum of £20 and whilst away they would get £1 a day allowance !!


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