Better than a Testimonial


   Today players are rewarded with a testimonial for 10years service but 

back in the fifties, testimonials were a rarity. They were awarded but mainly it seems, when the player left the club. The concenus is that because Dad stayed loyal to

the club and did not move on then is probably why he was not "rewarded" with a testimonial.


However, what is better than official recognition by Sunderland supporters who in 1954 decided that his 21 years service to the club deserved some recognition and the

page below is from the home program against Sheffield Wednesday, 54-55 which,

ironically was actually Dad's final home league game of his playing career.




















As a result of this "advert" Dad was presented with a silver tea & coffee set, as per the pic's below.

Four years later the directors prestented Dad with a silver cigarette case to recognise his 25 year service "award".