Enjoy a glimpse into the past.


Today we see players

with their own, personalised, sponsored kit with their own shirt numbers etc.


There was nothing like this in the old days, as you can see, trousers, woolen jumpers shoes, plimsol's were order of the day.
























Broadis and Johnny Mapson with the gloves on


 Arthur & Billy Bingham touching their toes, but who are the two players left hanging ??

Love this pic, not for the kit they are wearing, but two of the unsung hero's , the groundsmen. Roker had very few, if any, matches postponed thanks to these guys

Team tactics ?? Johnny Mapson with his foot on the ball but it doesn't half look like a medicine ball.

For Roker End regulars, remember  the gym under the stand ??

Shack, Len Duns & Arthur but take a look at the trousers & footwear.

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